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Argyle Welcomes Mortgage Industry Luminaries to Advisory Board

Argyle Welcomes Mortgage Industry Luminaries to Advisory Board

Cason and Coleman Bring Decades of Experience Disrupting the Mortgage Industry

Argyle, the leading employment data platform that provides companies access to user-permissioned employment records in real time, announced new appointments to its Mortgage Advisory Board, comprised of influential industry executives and Argyle customers. The new Advisory Board members will be critical in supporting and advancing Argyle’s mission to expand access to financial services for all workers while streamlining processes and minimizing risk for lenders. The talents and experience of these Mortgage Advisors will be valuable as Argyle continues to expand its footprint with leading mortgage lenders.

“They’re driving change with a borrower- and lender-centric approach, creating value for all industry participants.”

Henry Cason, CEO of FinLocker and former SVP and Head of Digital Products at Fannie Mae

As CEO of FinLocker, Cason is at the forefront of reimagining customer relationship management and moving the industry from a transaction centric point-in-time approach to a consumer-centric, continuous engagement approach based on consumers’ financial life stage and events. In his role at FinLocker, he advocates for technology empowering consumers’ financial well-being, with housing as the anchor, and analytics based on consumer-permissioned data to help consumers achieve their financial goals. Cason has deep industry expertise in digital management of consumers’ financial data across their credit, assets, and liabilities and in driving innovative solutions for the mortgage industry. Prior to his current role as CEO, Cason was a 27-year veteran of Fannie Mae and played a significant role in the digitization of the mortgage industry. He led the launch of a digital suite of products and data-driven services that drive automation and efficiencies, expand financial access, while also delivering a modern, digital borrower experience.

“Argyle is revolutionizing a lagging element of the mortgage industry’s digitization process – access to real-time income and employment data,” said Cason. “They’re driving change with a borrower- and lender-centric approach, creating value for all industry participants.”

David Coleman, Former KPMG Mortgage Executive and Former Fannie Mae VP

Coleman has over 30 years of mortgage banking and technology experience. He was most recently a managing director in KPMG’s National Mortgage Advisory practice where he worked with leading lenders, service providers, and the GSEs. He was also a Vice President with Fannie Mae where he led the industry roll out of Desktop Underwriter, Fannie Mae’s automated underwriting system. Currently, Coleman serves as a strategic advisor in the mortgage, banking, and financial services industries.

“The rise of fintech is opening up new opportunities to further automate and streamline the experience for borrowers applying for a mortgage,” said Coleman. “Argyle is bringing innovation to a long-neglected segment of the origination process by giving mortgage lenders a modern, affordable provider for validating income and employment data. I look forward to contributing to this game-changing company’s success during a transformative time in the mortgage industry.”

“We are honored to welcome these seasoned executives to our advisory board – people who have themselves impacted the mortgage industry in groundbreaking ways,” said Shmulik Fishman, CEO and Founder of Argyle. “We are building the future, backed by those who have done it before.”

These new appointments to Argyle’s Mortgage Advisory Board are the latest milestone in the company’s upward trajectory.

  • Argyle is establishing a strong foundation to meet the increased demand for alternatives to traditional credit scores and underwriting models. The company recently partnered with Visa to enable Visa’s clients to streamline their underwriting, reduce fraud, automate manual processes such as pay stub uploads and employer calls, and make funding decisions instantly.
  • Argyle continues to significantly expand its enterprise coverage network, enabling access to the majority of the U.S. workforce. Coverage includes access to over 90 million active employment accounts; close to 100% of gig economy workers; and 60% of the Fortune 500.
  • In addition, over the past 12 months, the Argyle team has more than quadrupled in size, including the addition of Hannah Arnold earlier this year as Argyle’s Head of Mortgage.

The broader Argyle advisory board also includes Kathleen McGee, the former Bureau Chief of the New York Attorney General’s Bureau of Internet and Technology, and Sandor Palfy, Former CTO of LogMeIn where he ran the company’s Identity and Access Management technology strategy.

The Argyle platform offers a new model for income and employment data collection and authentication that satisfies compliance requirements from application to closing. With fewer steps to close and less manual intervention, Argyle makes the mortgage process easier and more reliable for all parties, reducing the time and cost to originate new loans.

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