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MortgageRight Attracts Mortgage Originators With Client-First Policies

MortgageRight Attracts Mortgage Originators With Client-First Policies

Birmingham, AL based MortgageRight is reaching out to mortgage originators who wish to work with a professional, comprehensive provider that prioritizes the client. To make it simpler for those involved in this industry to see what makes the company stand apart from its competitors, MortgageRight has published a blog post that highlights its strengths. With its lineup of services and resources emphasized in this manner, originators and their clients stand to benefit greatly by choosing MortgageRight.

Speaking directly to originators who have explored the boundaries of the industry to some extent, the company’s blog post states, “you have many choices when it comes to choosing a mortgage company to partner with. Net branching is new to some brokers but is very effective if used correctly. What sets MortgageRight apart is our focus on delivering the best pricing on the market, the fastest UW turn times and a guaranteed on-time closing.”

As many will note, these advantages heavily favor the client at every stage, and this is not by accident. MortgageRight’s policies are a direct result of their priorities — and the firm primarily focuses on personal production and client satisfaction. If a client’s goals are not adequately met, the firm considers its work unfinished, so the team is incentivized to ensure the client is fully satisfied with their service.

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This focus on client satisfaction has another beneficiary: the originator who can help guide clients to mortgage financiers that meet their needs. In fact, MortgageRight is confident that its platform can help originators triple their income in the right circumstances.

The first factor the company lists may also be its most obvious: better pricing. While some might be led to believe that lower prices will lead to smaller profits, MortgageRight points out that most businesses make it a point to find a ‘sweet spot’ where prices are high enough to be worth the effort while low enough to attract a larger number of buyers. Here, the company has succeeded where competitors have largely failed — it has found a pricing scheme that still allows it to be successful while proving attractive to its clients. An originator, therefore, can make use of these prices as well, offering lower rates than their own competition in order to attract more business and eventually close more deals.

Next, clients tend to approach the house buying process with the assumption that it will be a long and involved process, so any service that manages to cut down the hassle will earn more favor with the community at large. Today, word-of-mouth referrals still carry a great deal of weight. Given that MortgageRight’s Fast-Pass Underwriting system has the ability to guarantee a 4-hour underwriting process and provide same day clear-to-close, clients are far more likely to report a positive experience with the company to their friends and family. As their reputation grows, so too will the reputation of their partners.

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A prompt response to challenging situations is similarly vital throughout the process in order to ensure deadlines are met. The company points out that anyone who cannot make deadlines or otherwise find the time to return a referral partner’s calls will find it difficult to succeed, so its process is designed to be as expeditious as possible. In fact, as the article states, “Mortgage Right guarantees your on-time closings, or your next marketing campaign is on us!” Branch managers or originators with MortgageRight should be able to offer hyper-competitive rates and close on schedule.

The article concludes, “With MortgageRight, you’ll get a true partner that shares your same vision and drive and always has your best interest in mind. In fact, our producers get a ‘seat at the table’ ensuring that your voice is heard! If you are in the market for a company change or are just testing the waters to see what opportunities are out there or what you might be leaving on the table, get in touch today and let’s explore how we can help you take your origination business to the next level and beyond.”

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