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CBEEX, WeBank and Green Inclusive Jointly Introduce Blockchain Into Green Mobility Inclusive Platform

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On June 5th, China Beijing Environment Exchange (CBEEX), WeBank and Green Inclusive jointly announced that they will carry out technical cooperation for the development of the Green Mobility Inclusive Platform using blockchain. The three parties signed a Green Mobility Blockchain Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement during an online launch conference.

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At the conference, Henry Ma, EVP and CIO of WeBank, released the first white paper on the social governance framework based on blockchain technology, MERITS (Measurable Ethics: Rating, Incentivization, Tracking & Supervision Framework), which aims to unite multiple participants to accomplish the mission of technology-enabled promotion of good deeds.

The Green Mobility Inclusive Platform serves end-users through its WeChat Official Account and WeChat Mini Program, and adopts the FISCO BCOS open-source consortium chain platform, according to the Green Mobility Blockchain Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement. The WeBank-led blockchain infrastructure FISCO BCOS is a financial-grade blockchain platform open sourced in 2017.

The Green Mobility Inclusive Platform promotes the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by limiting motor vehicle usage. In the future, the platform will include more transportations like bus, subway, etc for the green mobility scenario.

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WeBank releases the “MERITS” White Paper to encourage public to promote good deeds

“The platform is upgraded and optimized under the MERITS framework to ensure open and transparent processes of issuance, distribution, sponsorship, exchange, clearing and settlement, supervision and auditing with real-time traceable and verifiable records. Empowered by leading-edge technologies like AI, Blockchain, IOT, it may reach consensus among parties effectively while meeting compliance requirements and enhancing credibility,” Henry said.

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