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DALBAR Agrees Investor Panic Is A Natural Response

DALBAR Agrees Investor Panic Is A Natural Response

As market response to Coronavirus continues to spiral, investor fear continues to fester. The actual risk of contracting the disease is low but markets are reflecting the possibility of a 100 year catastrophe. So what should investors do?

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If this thing blows over, investors who jump ship now will lose much of their portfolio value. But if it does not, it could be a very costly mistake. The next three months will tell.

DALBAR has invented a tool for just this situation.

The DALBAR i-PRT leads advisors and investors through a process to protect portfolios from loss. With the DALBAR i-PRT, if the markets recover, investors enjoy the gains. If they do not, investors get cash that covers their losses.

According to DALBAR’s Chief Marketing Officer, Cory Clark, “The DALBAR i-PRT is a product of 25 years of studying the most severe market conditions to understand how much investors lost and what can be done to prevent the massive losses.”

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