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MagTek Launches the DynaFlex Platform, Delivering a Range of Payment Acceptance Capabilities in a Small Footprint for Mobile, Countertop, and Kiosk Deployments

MagTek Launches the DynaFlex Platform, Delivering a Range of Payment Acceptance Capabilities in a Small Footprint for Mobile, Countertop, and Kiosk Deployments

MagTek, a global leader in retail electronic payments and security technology, announces the release of the DynaFlex platform, the latest in MagTek’s arsenal of secure card reader authenticators. Equipped to accept magnetic stripe cards, EMV chip cards (contact and contactless) and NFC enabled mobile wallets, these rugged devices are built to deliver optimum performance, security, and durability.

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The DynaFlex platform is designed to support a vast set of deployment scenarios for retail payment solutions. Serving as a countertop or mobile device, mounted to a tablet, or affixed to a stand-alone kiosk, DynaFlex products can be customized to almost any solution. DynaFlex Pro includes a color touchscreen, delivering an effective messaging point, signature capture and future options for on-screen data input for manual entry of card data, tip adjustments, email addresses, mobile numbers for sending receipts, and other sensitive personally identifiable information (PII). Available with multiple color options and built to integrate with custom mounts or cases, DynaFlex products are a perfect fit for customized solutions.

“By far, the DynaFlex platform reflects MagTek’s commitment to provide retailers, merchants and ISVs a reader that can be integrated easily or dropped into an existing payment platform seamlessly,” said John Arato, MagTek’s VP & General Manager, Retail Solutions. “As payment platforms grow more complex, an easy-to-integrate reader is vital. DynaFlex products meet that need while delivering the latest in security and payment flexibility.”

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Bringing magstripe, EMV and NFC payment acceptance options into one flexible and small-footprint device allows developers to build their payment platform to meet almost any need.
The sturdy design and ergonomically positioned reading locations for magstripe, chip, and NFC ensure quick and easy-to-perform transactions while its internal design prevents skimmers and “bugs” from stealing data. Current and future compatibility with multiple operating systems and connection options such as USB, Bluetooth LE, 802.11 wireless, and ethernet supports almost any development scenario.

DynaFlex products have been engineered to deliver the most comprehensive transaction security. Powered by MagTek’s MagneSafe® Security Architecture, DynaFlex products protect sensitive cardholder data using a layered approach of dynamic encryption, authentication, and tokenization. As a PCI PTS POI v5.x approved device, DynaFlex products are SRED compliant and ideal for P2PE solutions.

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