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A Look at the Impact and Growth of Auditing Software and Top Providers from Around the World

Impact and Growth of Auditing Software and Top Providers from Around the World with their Best Features

In modern-day business, it is imperative for management to develop procedures to calibrate various business inputs, outputs and operations of various departments to check their efficiency.  It is not necessary that your team members will be able to give you objective feedback all the time. This is where the need for a healthy auditing process comes to the fore.

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Audits are an essential part of any business. Whether on a regular basis or monthly or annually, all businesses are audited to ensure compliance with statutory regulations and standards. In this era of evolving technology, manual auditing is out of trend and audit management software has taken over a bulk of this task. Instead of taking up a considerable amount of time and a lot of paperwork, audit management software makes the whole process easy, accessible and centralized. An auditing software not only eliminates the need for paper records but also provides comprehensive reports and ensures financial data is in one place.

Benefits of an Auditing Management Software

Audit Management software comes with a bulk of useful features:

  • Saves time by improving productivity and efficiency.
  • Easy compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Improves performance by enhancing effective monitoring of activities.
  • Improves execution and monitoring capacity of the audit department.
  • Eliminates ambiguity in audit reports and improves the accuracy of data captured during an audit.
  • Identifying problem areas becomes easier, finding their solutions becomes simpler.

Impacts of Auditing Software on Businesses

Audit software are effective for performing end-to-end functionality of a complete audit life cycle which includes several steps. The software has come a long way and is helping businesses all over the world with its impact in areas like: –

  • Growing productivity and revenues.
  • Reduction in margins of errors.
  • Reduction in costly mistakes.
  • Prevention of issues with stakeholders.
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Helping to feed better management decisions

There is an evolving relationship between businesses and technology, wherein the latest innovations are supporting the growth aspirations of businesses.

Growth of Audit software in recent years

The revolution of technological innovations is taking place in almost every business field, and accounting is not an exception. Businesses aspire for safe, accurate, and cost-effective solutions for making their organizational processes easy, automated, and reliable.

In recent years, the audit methodology has been evolving steadily, and the rise of data analytics is playing an important role in this process. Automation of business information is defining a new approach to work and reshaping the financial health of an organization. Some of the latest trends in accounting software industry are: –

  • Cloud Accounting
  • DIY Accounting Software
  • Outsourcing
  • Machine Learning
  • Increase in Dynamic Client Services

Nowadays, the audit industry is being driven by the demand for cloud-based audit management software which are gaining immense popularity and are hence growing significantly. Another reason for the boost in the growth of audit management software is their easy integration with cognitive technology. Following are the various fields that are witnessing the integration of leading auditing software: –

  • Mechanized Accounting and Auditing
  • Tax Accounting
  • Inflation Accounting
  • Human Resource Accounting
  • Government Accounting
  • Social or National Accounting
  • Responsibility Accounting

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Top Auditing Software

Here are some of the most popular auditing software that is being readily integrated into the auditing processes by leading global businesses.

  • MetricStream Audit Management
  • Handles a wide range of audit-related activities such as operational audit, internal audit, IT audit, quality audit, etc.,
  • Built-in remediation and email-based notification
  • Compliance management
  • A comprehensive and supportive audit management solution


  • Gensuite
  • Responsible sourcing and asset management
  • Explore more than 60 application with amazing features
  • Multi-year planning
  • Risk and compliance management
  • Tremendous flexibility


  • TeamMate+Audit
  • Offers up to 30 different dimensions for viewing your organization.
  • Workflow options for multiple project phases
  • Capacity planning and Document request management
  • Uses web-based architecture.
  • Has three core principles: Efficiency, consistency, and visibility.


  • Audit Board
  • A cloud-based platform featuring automation, collaboration, and risk assessment
  • Controls management and workflow management
  • Great efficiency and used by pre-IPO to Fortune 50 companies
  • Industry’s most user-friendly platform


  • PentaAudit
  • Continuous audit and monitoring process
  • Tools feature flexible APIs.
  • Data analytics and business intelligence tools
  • Automated report generation both external and internal
  • Works with the Institute of Internal Auditors audit maturity model
  • Risk awareness and supported b dependable data analytics.


  • ProcessGene GRC
  • Process-driven software that includes risk, and governance.
  • Automate the regulatory compliance framework
  • Minimize the cost of GRC efforts
  • Designed for multi-subsidiary organizations
  • Provides forward-thinking GRC software solutions


  • Galvanize AuditBond
  • Offers flexible solutions for multiple team transition types.
  • Highly scalable and clever issue management capabilities
  • Features to support complete audit workflow
  • Automated monitoring of operation control operations
  • Includes R and Python integration

Top Auditing Software Providers

Significant increase in the demand for auditing software has been due to their numerous features and benefits. Thus, it becomes imperative to have a look at the top auditing software providers globally: –

  • ACL Services Ltd.
  • Provides Audit management that offers risk assurance across the audit universe.
  • Use advanced technology, such as robotic automation and Machine learning.
  • Improved transparency and value delivering Products.


  • Ideagen PLC
  • Provides Pentana Audit software
  • Provides Feature-rich tools for every audit
  • Provides powerful internal audit automation
  • Adopt a continuous risk assessment methodology


  • Lockpath Inc.
  • Provides Keylight Audit management software
  • Allows organizations to work on their core business.
  • Covers all key areas of risks across the entire enterprise
  • Identify and mitigate risks.


  • Wolters Kluwer Financial Services
  • Offers Teammate internal audit management software
  • Provides risk-based auditing and audit and issue tracking.
  • Also offers audit scheduling and expense reporting.


  • Workiva Inc.
  • Provides Internal Audit management software
  • Compliance cloud platform
  • Modernized reporting
  • Automized platform which increases ROI.

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These tools for audit management save lots of time by streamlining data collection and data analysis. By delivering sophisticated features and offering easy to use interfaces, the latest audit software have capabilities for extensive automation, thus saving user resources in the form of time and money.

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