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Tokenization Asset Platform (TAP) Ready To Transform Global Capital Markets

Tokenization Asset Platform (TAP) Ready To Transform Global Capital Markets

Crypto Asset Rating, Inc. is a Blockchain-based fintech company launching a platform to transform Global Capital Markets by empowering small and medium businesses to raise capital with their Tokenization Asset Platform (TAP).

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TAP is a Software as a Service (SaaS) addressing crucial challenges of the illiquid asset market. It will solve liquidity issues by providing access to the global investor pool for small businesses. It will eliminate manual issuing and trading, lowering transactional costs for buyers and sellers. Tokenization will enable issuers to programmatically generate, issue, and manage their digital securities with immutable regulatory compliant security tokens.

This innovative platform features trustworthy solutions and services that will improve transparency in the digital asset market. TAP provides a more compliant method under Regulations D and S, with Regulations CF and A+ to be added. Tokenizing various digital securities will prevent the manual analysis of legal factors in smart contracts. On TAP Platform, the issuer will be able to create digital securities such as Equity, Bonds, Funds, Convertible Note and Real Estate by embedding terms and conditions directly into the security that manages the transactions in Smart Contracts on blockchain.

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“We are delighted to develop a Legally Compliant Tokenization Asset Platform for small and medium businesses to raise funds,” said Mr. Pramod Attarde, Chief Executive Officer, Crypto Asset Rating Inc. “We are proud and honored to open capital market access to global issuers and investors.”

The Tokenization Asset Platform will offer regulatory-compliant digital securities with features such as lock period, the defining of vesting schedules, transfer configuration, and selling restrictions for inside and outside the exchange while meeting regulatory rules’ requirements. It also offers investor whitelisting, hassle-free KYC and AML checks, a recovery process of digital securities, dividend distribution of tokens, and a voting event for shareholders.

The modern asset management industry is continuously expanding on its product innovation and the availability of a vast array of investors. The Tokenization Asset Platform team is dedicated to the reliability of a program that complements the industry.

Crypto Asset Rating, Inc, demonstrated Tokenization Asset Program to an executive team of regulators how issuers can empower business by Tokenizing underlying assets.

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