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VERB To Offer Its Livestream eCommerce App Free To All Small BusinessesI in The U.S. Affected By The Pandemic

VERB To Offer Its Livestream eCommerce App Free To All Small BusinessesI in The U.S. Affected By The Pandemic

verbTEAMS, a powerful livestream ecommerce sales and marketing tool, can help small businesses, retailers, and entrepreneurs increase customer engagement and sales productivity in periods of extended remote work, social distancing, and pandemic related store closures

VERB Technology Company, Inc, a rapidly emerging market leader in business-focused interactive video sales and marketing tools, including livestream ecommerce, CRM, and content management applications, today announced that it is offering its LIVE STREAM ECOMMERCE technology to small businesses all over the country for free to help navigate the challenges the pandemic has created. Through their verbTEAMS app, users can create their own QVC and Home Shopping Network-style live broadcasts showcasing and promoting their products or services with one big difference – viewers can actually click right in the livestream video broadcast and purchase in real-time. It also has an on-screen real-time interactive chat feature that produces a true social experience allowing viewers to ask questions of the host as well as chat with one another during the live broadcast. It’s as close as you can get to an actual in-store buying experience, and in many ways better, more engaging and more fun. Think Zoom and Shopify combined with your favorite live chat feature.

The verbTEAMS app with verbLIVE, its interactive livestream feature, is particularly effective for Shopify users as well as eBay and Etsy sellers. For Salesforce users, the app also has a special one-click Salesforce app synchronization. In an effort to help small businesses recover, and in many cases survive the effects of the pandemic, VERB is offering its app for free for 30 days to all small businesses in the U.S.

Available in mobile and desktop versions, the VERB app is easy-to-use and allows businesses and entrepreneurs to engage directly with customers during livestream sessions through clickable in-video icons to buy, receive additional product information, set up appointments, and other customizable interactive features, while offering real-time viewer interaction analytics to drive sales conversion rates in a friction-free sales setting.

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In addition to the free use of verbTEAMS, VERB is offering free biweekly training and business seminars to help businesses with onboarding, understanding and using the app’s powerful and innovative features, managing content and contacts, leveraging content analytics as well as viewer engagement analytics, and featuring entrepreneur showcases and success stories, among other supportive initiatives.

“We expect livestream direct selling, already a massively successful and lucrative new channel in Asia, to grow in popularity in the U.S. as the paradigm shift continues and as businesses adapt to rapidly changing shopping trends and consumer behavior. We believe that we are best-positioned to help small businesses and entrepreneurs in this remote work environment by equipping them with the tools and support that can take customer engagement to new levels of sales productivity at a time when our Country’s small businesses need it most,” said Nick Hoggan, VERB Chief Revenue Officer.

“Entrepreneurs and small businesses are the backbone of our economy,” said Rory J. Cutaia, CEO of VERB. “We need to stop looking to our government for assistance. It’s time for the private sector to step up, to come together, combine our know how, combine our resources and help each other, and in so doing, help our friends, our families, our neighbors and the rest of our country. Ingenuity was born here, it lives here and it still thrives here. We’re proud to be among the many companies who have embraced this philosophy and decided to act, who know they can make a difference and have decided to do so. If we can inspire others to join us, we’ll get through this and we’ll all be the better and stronger for it.”

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