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Shavelogic Closes $100 Million in Financing to Launch the SL5 Razor

Shavelogic Closes $100 Million in Financing to Launch the SL5 Razor

Cutting-edge razor company aims to expand innovation and reach in bid to upgrade your shave

Shavelogic, Inc. announced that it has raised $100 million in growth capital from Jefferies. Aon’s Intellectual Property Solutions played an important role in helping to secure key Collateral Protection Insurance to support the financing.

As one of the newest brands in the skincare and grooming space, Shavelogic brings innovation and performance to the shaving market with their new SL5 razor. After securing over 150 patents globally and by emphasizing quality design in their products, the Shavelogic team is well on its way to forever changing the shaving experience.


“We have the opportunity now to introduce our shaving system to consumers who simply don’t know what they’re missing while continuing to improve our product and business to meet our own high standards,” said Shavelogic CEO, Rob Wilson.

Aon, using its proprietary intellectual property (IP) valuation platform to value Shavelogic’s IP portfolio, arranged for IP Collateral Protection Insurance for Jefferies, collateralized by Shavelogic’s IP portfolio and company assets.

“We are excited to help innovation-driven, IP-rich companies like Shavelogic unlock the value of their IP assets, supporting their growth ambitions and minimizing ownership dilution,” said Aon’s Intellectual Property Solutions CEO Lewis Lee.

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“Breaking through in an industry like ours takes dedication and teamwork, so having a capital partner like Jefferies is an essential benefit that will help us accelerate market share growth and drive stakeholder value,” said Shavelogic Co-Founder Duwayne Miller

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