Marketing Mindset Critical To Digital Transformation In Financial Services

Financial institutions with a marketing mindset were better equipped to serve customers in response to COVID-19 Research conducted by Metia Group shows that the most successful digital transformation initiatives can…

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Blockchain Backed Tools That Are Enabling Better Security Protocols For Financial Institutions

The blockchain market is expected to grow by USD 39.7 billion by the year 2025, according to a recent study. Simply put, blockchain technology involves the creation of blocks of…

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GlobalFintechSeries Interview with Keren Moynihan, CEO at Boss Insights

Innovations when it comes to lending technology have been evolving at a rapid pace and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has fast tracked new developments in this segment. In this interview,…

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MerchantE Promotes Transparency and Support for Small Businesses During Unprecedented Times

Subscription-Based Payments Set For Significant Growth According To Paysafe Research

27% of U.S. and global consumers expect the number of subscription payments they make to increase over the next 12 months Subscriptions exist today for a whole host of products…

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Global Fintech Start-ups and Unicorns Using Blockchain to Redefine the Segment

The people in the financial industry who have invested in blockchain development are going to reap a few benefits in the coming years. As more and more users adapt to…

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Between Empathy and Technology: The New Sweet Spot for Lifetime Customer Value

Companies are in a double bind today. The coronavirus pandemic has put many customers at financial risk, and through no fault of their own, many suddenly un- or under-employed people…

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Facial Recognition Technology – The Next Big Thing In Fintech?

DBS Now Allows Users to Sign Up for Digital Banking Services Using Face Identification Facial recognition technology is set to create a big impact on the gamut of fintech offerings…

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Advantages of Buying Litecoin

Cryptocurrencies are booming once again in 2020 after almost 3 years of quiet accumulation. And while new investors are coming into the scene looking for the best coins to invest…

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Avalanche Integrates with Torus to Enable Seamless Building of DeFi Apps

DirectAuth to Streamline Setup Process for the Avalanche Wallet with One-Click Google Logins The team behind Avalanche, the highly-scalable, open-source platform for launching decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, has announced its integration…

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