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Calypso Pay Launches Blockchain And Upgrades To 2.0

Fintech Staff Writer
Calypso Pay, a high-volume cryptocurrency processing & acquiring platform owned by Calypso Group, today announced the introduction of its own blockchain and the first substantial platform update.The business streamlines the transaction procedure with Calypso Pay 2.0: It reduces transaction costs by up to 20%; consumers now just pay commission instead......
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OKX Introduces ‘Shark Fin’ Product To Allow Users To Earn USDT Regardless Of Market Movements

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OKX, one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges, has launched Shark Fin, a product that offers users an opportunity for gains no matter which direction the market moves. The product is a significant addition to OKX’s diverse range of trading tools and offers traders an easy and innovative way to......
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Archimedes Prepares Launch Of Its Innovative Lending And Borrowing Marketplace Providing Top of Market APY

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Archimedes Finance is soon launching its new, unique overcollateralized lending and borrowing marketplace on Ethereum mainnet, shortly after announcing its $4.9M in seed fundraise led by Hack VC. Archimedes will be launching its Liquidity pool on Curve on February 14 and its Leverage Engine on February 20. The Archimedes protocol attracts......
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Mosdex Introduces A Staking Based Arbitrage Platform To Overcome The Effects Of Crypto Winter

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Mosdex.com introduces its staking based arbitrage platform. It offers daily passive income through a highly efficient automated arbitrage engine that scans millions of order books across different exchanges to tap on the best arbitrage trades and distributes the profit through a proprietary profit sharing model, i.e., PSM. The cryptocurrency market......
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Guarda Wallet Prepaid Visa Card Now Supports More Assets

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Guarda, a secure non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet and platform, released its prepaid Visa card in the second half of 2022. To use the card, clients have to top it up with cryptocurrency from one of these wallets: XDC, USDD, DAI, TRX, USDT, XRP, DOT, LTC, ETH, ETC, ADA, EOS, BCH, and BTC. Guarda......
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The Lenen Protocol Beta Version Officially Launched, Providing A Decentralized Lending Service For The Vision Metaverse

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Lenen tesnet has officially launched on November 30th. It is the first decentralized, transparent and non-custodial liquid asset lending protocol under the Vision Chain Metaverse ecosystem. Referring to other testnets, there is a very high possibility that they will also airdrop tokens to early supporters.This milestone marks a major achievement......
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Unlock the Potential Of Gas-Free TRC-20 Transactions With Guarda Wallet

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A new update on the TRON network, under discussion, was shared with the TRON Community recently. The proposal—which is already live—is to raise the energy cost from its current 280 SUN (around $1.5) to 420 SUN (around $2.3). This 50% increase will raise the daily burning rate of 8 million TRX,......
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Bitget Introduces Fiat On-Ramp Services For Spot Traders

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Leading crypto exchange Bitget introduces the first batch of on-ramp fiat trading pairs for spot traders.  The new solution provides users with the option of spot trading cryptocurrency directly with fiat currency, therefore, lowering the reliance on stablecoins and OTC services. This is the first time the platform offers on-ramp trading solutions.......