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LCX Launches Groundbreaking Tokenized Bonds A Revolution in Compliant Staking
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LCX Launches Groundbreaking Tokenized Bonds: A Revolution in Compliant Staking

The innovative offering bridges the gap between traditional finance and digital assets, providing a secure, compliant, and regulated investment opportunity for BTC, ETH, and the LCX Token. Latest Fintech Interview: Global Fintech Interview with Jyotirmoy Chakravorty, Founder at Ubona Technologies LCX, a cutting-edge blockchain-based platform, is pleased to announce the......
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Calypso Pay Launches Blockchain And Upgrades To 2.0

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Calypso Pay, a high-volume cryptocurrency processing & acquiring platform owned by Calypso Group, today announced the introduction of its own blockchain and the first substantial platform update.The business streamlines the transaction procedure with Calypso Pay 2.0: It reduces transaction costs by up to 20%; consumers now just pay commission instead......
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Largest Spanish Crypto Exchange, Bit2Me Launch Debit Card, with up to 9% Cash-back

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The Bit2Me Mastercard offers up to 9% cash-back to its customers, the highest currently available in the crypto market worldwide. Bit2Me, the first company recognized by the Bank of Spain as a virtual currency service provider, is the first cryptocurrency exchange in the world to offer up to 9% cash back,......
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ZeroQT Offers Retail Investors The Ability To Become Venture Capitalists

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Becoming a Venture Capitalist is no easy task. Professional VCs are typically former financial advisors, business experts, or sometimes academics. Joining a Venture Capital investment firm often comes with minimum investment capabilities and a long registration process. Typically, VCs go beyond just investing in startups. They also act as mentors,......
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Multichain Launched A Boost Bribe For $ MultiBTC LPs, Offering Further Rewards

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Several Defi activities built on multiBTC offer competitive APY at leading yield platforms on Ethereum. Multichain also launched a boost bribe for LPs, offering further rewards in $MULTI. The bribe was live for two weeks till 5th January 2023, which increased the liquidity of the pools over $2 million. Second session has been launched on stakeDAO. Do not......
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Mosdex Introduces A Staking Based Arbitrage Platform To Overcome The Effects Of Crypto Winter

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Mosdex.com introduces its staking based arbitrage platform. It offers daily passive income through a highly efficient automated arbitrage engine that scans millions of order books across different exchanges to tap on the best arbitrage trades and distributes the profit through a proprietary profit sharing model, i.e., PSM. The cryptocurrency market......
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Nonfinite Web3 Crypto Exchange Announces Its Launch

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Recently, Nonfinite, the Web3 crypto exchange has announced its launch, which indicates the new digital connection between Baltic Sea route to Asia reaches first milestones. Mr. Oh Shen King (OSK), the Malaysian entrepreneur, the founder of Nonfinite Web3 Crypto Exchange and the former professional as an information security expert, massively......
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FAMEEX Partners With Banxa For Crypto Purchases Via Bank Card And Online Payment

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FAMEEX, a digital cryptocurrency trading platform launched in 2020, is proud to announce its partnership with Banxa, the world’s first listed payment service provider. FAMEEX has made a name for itself by implementing a quantitative concept in blockchain finance and providing efficient and easy-to-use tools for a variety of traders and......
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ParaSpace Launches The First Cross-Margin Lending Protocol For NFT And Fungible Tokens

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ParaSpace launched a first-of-its-kind cross-margin lending platform. With the recent rise in NFT lending and borrowing, users have seen an increased liquidation downtrend spiral, ParaSpace serves as a solution for users in the space. ParaSpace is founded by Yubo Ruan and backed by Sequoia Capital, CoinBase Ventures, Founders Fund and others. The......
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Unbanked Launches Cryptocurrency Card Program In The UK And Other European Countries

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Today, Unbanked Inc. has opened its cryptocurrency card program to eligible residents in the U.K. and parts of Europe. Unbanked Inc., a global fintech company connecting traditional banking products with blockchain, has partnered with Moorwand to provide card services allowing consumers to spend their digital assets through this approved program. Residents......