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FAMEEX Partners With Banxa For Crypto Purchases Via Bank Card And Online Payment

FAMEEX, a digital cryptocurrency trading platform launched in 2020, is proud to announce its partnership with Banxa, the world’s first listed payment service provider. FAMEEX has made a name for itself by implementing a quantitative concept in blockchain finance and providing efficient and easy-to-use tools for a variety of traders and trading styles. This partnership with Banxa will further enhance the platform’s capabilities and strengthen its position as a leader in the crypto exchange space.

FAMEEX has formed a partnership with Banxa, a crypto payment service provider, to give its users the ability to buy cryptocurrency using their Visa, Mastercard, debit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Through this partnership, FAMEEX users can now use Banxa to purchase BTC, ETH, SOL, DOT, BNB, and 49 other cryptocurrencies using a range of global and local payment methods.

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FAMEEX users can now take advantage of Banxa’s local payment and banking options, which offer reduced friction, lower fees, lower minimum purchases, and improved fraud protection. This makes it easy and secure for users to buy cryptocurrencies with their fiat currency and vice versa. Banxa’s fiat channels in multiple countries will also allow FAMEEX to reach over 80% of the global population, according to the company.

In addition to benefiting FAMEEX users, Banxa’s solutions also provide several important advantages to the FAMEEX platform, including lower conversion rates and rigorous compliance and risk management in various locations. FAMEEX has obtained licenses for crypto assets in several countries, and with the support of Banxa, the company will be able to open more corresponding fiat currency channels to facilitate access to crypto assets. This is important because fiat currency remains a key area of alignment between the crypto and traditional financial worlds.

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