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TRADERVERSE Launches Social Channels As First Step in Empowering Traders Through Intelligent Social Networking

TRADERVERSE Launches Social Channels As First Step in Empowering Traders Through Intelligent Social Networking

TRADERVERSE, a next-generation intelligent social trading platform, has launched its Twitter, Telegram, and Discord channels in a bid to position itself as the leading social universe for stock and crypto traders. Built for traders by traders and already attracting some of the world’s top trading influencers to its doors, TRADERVERSE’s goal is to to empower traders to make the best decisions possible by leveraging proprietary artificial intelligence technology and fostering a community of like-minded trading experts who can safely share ideas, data, and insights.

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Centered around a feature-rich collaborative social network and intelligent app ecosystem, the roadmap for TRADERVERSE includes:

  • An exclusive social networking platform with experienced traders who can help other traders to grow and succeed
  • A YouTube-like streaming service where users can upload trade ideas, analyses, tutorials, discussions, and other types of video and audio content for their audiences
  • Proprietary Tradenion AI technology that compiles data from millions of online sources (including news articles, press releases, social data, and an extensive range of fundamental data) to give robust and reliable insights into various assets
  • Sophisticated machine learning tools that crawl the web for relevant data points, including price, volume, momentum changes, technical indicators, giving traders the ability to make fact-based decisions quickly
  • Intuitive and user-friendly shared note-taking and research tools to make deep diving into any instrument, ticker, currency, or other asset straightforward and collaborative
  • An Intelligent Assistant offering real-time insights into the topics discussed in any of the platform’s chat rooms, with built-in reporting on various data points
  • Extensive chat functionality allowing traders to meet and interact with other traders to share ideas and learnings

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With the launch of its Twitter, Telegram, and Discord channels, which are open to anyone and free to join, TRADERVERSE is making the first in a number of steps towards a safer and more informed online trading community. Hundreds of traders already participate in these channels daily and more are joining as big name influencers join TRADERVERSE as Ambassadors.

“We are taking bold strides towards a safer online world for traders, and are deeply motivated to protect younger and more inexperienced traders especially against pump and dumps, rug pulls, and other fraudulent activities that occur within the stock and crypto markets on a daily basis.” said Milly Barker-DeStefano, Chief Growth Officer at TRADERVERSE. “We’re engineering some of the most sophisticated trading technology on the planet so that our users can not only access cutting-edge trading technology, but can discuss ideas and trade confidently knowing that the immense powers of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and community-led verification and gamification have their backs. Our apps, quite simply, are unparalleled in the market.”

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