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Infinicept And LegitScript Provide Complete Merchant Risk Monitoring

A cooperation was just announced between LegitScript, the industry leader in website monitoring, product certification, and embedded payments, and Infinicept, a top provider of embedded payments, to provide comprehensive merchant monitoring capabilities. For payment facilitators, ISOs, and merchant acquirers, Infinicept and LegitScript will jointly offer a powerful and comprehensive monitoring and risk management solution. A complete risk package is produced by combining LegitScript’s ongoing online merchant monitoring with Infinicept’s merchant underwriting and transaction monitoring.

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Infinicept is a pioneer in embedded payments, enabling software providers, financial institutions, and payment processors to enhance customer satisfaction and increase income. With the help of Infinicept’s Payment Operations Platform (PayOps), businesses may take advantage of embedded payments without having to make any concessions in order to keep control of the payments service. Everything is made simpler by Infinicept’s tools and services, from onboarding and underwriting to monitoring transaction risk and payouts. One way for software companies to benefit from the Embedded Finance sector is to integrate payments into their products. Businesses can assess, manage, and reduce risk thanks to LegitScript’s website monitoring, certification, and investigations skills as well as its comprehensive understanding of the entire commercial internet. Many different types of merchants can use its Merchant Monitoring service to monitor content and transaction laundering. With the aid of these skills, organisations may keep one step ahead of troublesome retailers and practically eliminate transgressions. Global card brands and payment service providers promote, acknowledge, or employ LegitScript’s monitoring programme.

“At LegitScript, we have been working toward building a safer, more transparent internet and payments ecosystem for more than fifteen years,” said LegitScript CEO Scott Roth. “Working with Infinicept is a natural fit for our proven commercial internet monitoring expertise. We are proud to align with Infinicept and support its efforts to usher in a new era of payments innovation. We look forward to continued integration that will reduce friction for companies as they grow their businesses.” “Our platform allows companies to participate in commerce in a way that provides the best merchant experience and where the software company keeps the majority of its payments revenue, all while keeping the ‘bad actors’ out of their business,” said Todd Ablowitz, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Infinicept. “By offering access to LegitScript’s Merchant Monitoring solution, we extend our ability to keep our customers protected.” “LegitScript takes risk seriously. Its commitment to making online payments safer for legitimate businesses pairs perfectly with our passion for doing what is right for the industry,” said Deana Rich, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Infinicept. “The integration and alignment of our organizations presents a united front against fraud in the payments ecosystem and a one-stop shop for this invaluable solution.”

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