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Kaiko Launches Cryptocurrency Exchange Ranking

Kaiko Launches Cryptocurrency Exchange Ranking
A comprehensive framework for understanding the fragmented exchange landscape in 2022.

Kaiko, the leading cryptocurrency market data provider for enterprises, announced the launch today of their first exchange ranking. The ranking is designed to give market participants a comprehensive framework for understanding the fragmented exchange landscape.

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Hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges operate around the world governed by a multitude of regulatory regimes, resulting in highly variable operating standards. As such, official statistics and information used to compare and understand the exchange landscape are difficult to obtain

As a global data provider, Kaiko covers more than 100 cryptocurrency exchanges, giving them a unique consolidated view of the market. Their ranking leverages six categories for attributing scores to each exchange: legal & compliance, infrastructure, security, liquidity, data quality, and technology.

The full ranking comprises dozens of individual attributes across the six categories to develop a detailed and nuanced score for each exchange, updated every six months in June and December. The first iteration covers a selection of centralized exchanges, but later iterations will cover decentralized and derivatives exchanges.

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“Our comprehensive exchange ranking is designed to dissipate the opacity surrounding cryptocurrency exchanges and enhance the availability of transparent information for all market participants. The ranking will be used as a key building block for designing reference rates and benchmark indices with vetted and reliable data sources.” said Kaiko CEO Ambre Soubiran.

Kaiko’s exchange ranking is freely accessible on their website, along with a methodology guide detailing how both Kaiko Exchange Scores and Kaiko Exchange Ranks are derived. The ranking can also be licensed for use within commercial products.

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