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CLPS Incorporation Announces Scenario-Based Digital Currency Application Solution to Facilitate Digital Economy Development

CLPS Incorporation Announces Scenario-Based Digital Currency Application Solution to Facilitate Digital Economy Development

CLPS Incorporation, announced the launch of its scenario-based digital currency application solution, which aims to enable financial institutions to drive growth in the digital economy.

Gaining traction in the recent years, global financial institutions have accelerated the creation of financial ecosystems that can support digital currency, which led for CLPS to launch such solution. This solution leverages CLPS’s global services delivery capability and its expertise in banking, e-commerce, payment, risk control, digital marketing, and mobile development, among other areas. In addition, by integrating bank-enterprise interaction, smart contract, aggregate payment, retail settlement, supply chain management, marketing and promotion as an end-to-end service platform, a trading platform based on digital currency payment scenarios can be developed, helping financial institutions accelerate adoption and widespread use of digital currency.

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A key strategic target of the People’s Bank of China, digital RMB has achieved significant progress in terms of application scenarios, transaction volume, number of accounts opened, and an expanded pilot scheme to more areas. Launching the pilot version of digital RMB application in major app stores, its introduction at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, and its intended use in the 19th Asian Games all indicate that digital RMB are becoming more mature.

Through this solution, CLPS will be able to facilitate Chinese financial institutions create a better digital RMB application ecosystem, penetrate the market opportunity quickly, and expand customer acquisition channels. In addition, the solution can be customized based on corporate client’s demands, enabling a wide range of application scenarios.

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Mr. Jingwei Sun, Vice President of CLPS and Head of Digital Currency Solution, said, “The scenario-based digital currency solution will allow global financial institutions to build an ecosystem around digital currency that include services such as system development, system operation and maintenance, digital marketing, and merchant expansion. We are looking forward to working with our global partners to explore scenario-based digital currency application scenarios and offer users a secure, convenient, and seamless financial services experience.”

Mr. Henry Li, Chief Operating Officer of CLPS, said, “Going forward, CLPS will further participate in various pilot schemes of digital currency, develop products that serve more scenario-based applications, and introduce new scenarios for digital currency payment experience that will contribute to the development of global digital economy.”

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