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Advisor Group Welcomes South Carolina-Based Wealth Management Practice With Total Client Assets Of $125 Million To Its Platform

Advisor Group Welcomes South Carolina-Based Wealth Management Practice With Total Client Assets Of $125 Million To Its Platform
Columbia Capital Partners Joins Advisor Group through Subsidiary Royal Alliance Associates and OSJ Cline Financial Partners

Advisor Group, the nation’s largest network of independent wealth management firms, today announced the successful recruitment to its network of Columbia Capital Partners, a wealth management firm in Columbia, S.C., which oversees $125 million in total client assets. The firm is operated by veteran financial advisor Frank Lundy, who is joining the independent channel for the first time.

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Columbia Capital Partners joins Advisor Group through the firm’s subsidiary Royal Alliance Associates and Cline Financial Partners, an OSJ based in Salem, S.C. Advisor Group’s network also includes FSC Securities, Royal Alliance Associates, SagePoint Financial, Securities America, Triad Advisors and Woodbury Financial Services.

Dmitry Goldin, CEO and President of Royal Alliance Associates, said, “It’s my privilege to welcome Frank Lundy to Advisor Group and the Royal Alliance family. For years, wealth managers seeking the autonomy and strong, steady growth opportunities of the independent channel have been joining Advisor Group for its industry-leading resources, practice management support, succession planning and acquisitions capabilities and technology. We look forward to working with Frank to position him for success as an independent advisor and help him further elevate the holistically integrated service experience he provides to his clients.”

Mr. Lundy specializes in wealth management services for individuals and families, financial planning, and estate planning. For more than three decades, he has guided high-net-worth clients toward their investment goals.

In joining Cline Financial Partners, Mr. Lundy will also have access to that firm’s strong practice management support platform and supervision, which has been helping financial professionals realize their business goals for more than 37 years.

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Jerry Cline of Cline Financial Partners, said, “Frank Lundy is a wealth manager and financial planner who has demonstrated the entrepreneurial spirit that defines the independent advisors who choose to work with us. We look forward to supporting Frank’s needs and those of his clients, in an environment that fosters growth backed by outstanding technological, marketing and product support.”

Mr. Lundy said, “As I considered switching to the independent channel, it quickly became clear that partnering with Advisor Group, Royal Alliance and Cline Financial Partners was the right choice for Columbia Capital Partners. Jerry Cline’s hands-on approach and ability to provide my practice with the tools we needed to advance to the next stage in our growth were key to this important decision.”

Greg Cornick, Advisor Group’s President, Advice & Wealth Management, said, “We congratulate Royal Alliance and Cline Financial Partners on bringing Columbia Capital Partners to our firm. We look forward to collaborating closely with Frank, who has maintained an exceptional record of advancing the goals of his clients for decades. We are dedicated to Frank’s success and will continue our investments in the capabilities and solutions that will help him and his clients flourish in an ever-changing investment environment.”

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