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AI Can Prevent Cyber Attacks In The E-Commerce Sector

AI Can Prevent Cyber Attacks In The E-Commerce Sector

AI is gaining massive significance in the s cybersecurity domain. Machine learning algorithms are now designed for identifying cyber attacks targeting the e-commerce sectors. The emerging security solutions analyzes the enormous data collected via millions of cyber incidents and uses these data to detect risks such as new malware variants or phishing schemes. But as we know there are two sides of a coin, in the same way the cyber criminals are one step ahead of these detection attempts, modifying their malware code such that the security software is somehow not able to detect its potential threat. Detecting every variant of malware is a major challenge which necessitates the usage of AI and ML in particular which is ideal for anti-malware protection solutions since it can draw on data from any type of malware that has previously been detected.

The attacks can be averted by comparing the potential attacks with the database. ML with its network-monitoring techniques can be used effectively for such threats regularly.The AI can spot anomalies which is a boon for this dynamic competitive market.

For this reason AI and ML are becoming key points due to their ability to avoid threats in real-time while not interfering with business procedures. Also, these technologies tracks data that normally escapes from human sight, such as videos, emails, chats, and other forms of communications.Below is an exhibit showing how AI is being used in cyber threats and cyber hacking   as a comparison from 2015 to 2030 and how the internet users have exploded intensively.

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How AI Can Help Prevent Cyber Attacks In The E-Commerce Sector

1. AI technology Is Intelligent  

AI technology is a man made intelligent technology which uses its brilliance for improving its network security over time. It uses ML and DL (Deep Learning) to learn a business network’s behaviour. It reads patterns on the network and clusters them for analysis. It then detects any deviations from the norm before responding to them. These patterns that artificial neural networks learn over time can help to improve security for the future. Hackers also find it challenging to beat AI with its soaring intelligence but still they launch hundreds of millions of attacks.

2. AI Identifies Unknown Threats  

Humans have certain limitations due to which they cannot identify all potential threats like AI. Unknown threats can cause massive damage to a network. The hackers are in continuous search for new technicals for malware attacks so it becomes mandatory to use AI to map for unknown attacks which might destroy a company.

3. AI Can Manage Massive Chunks Of Data And Traffic

In a company’s working lots of data float in cloud and with such massive amount of traffic, the business is unable to protect its data aptly from malicious people and hackers sophisticated software. Neither cybersecurity can check it 100%, so AI is the best solution available which helps to detect any threats masked as normal activity. Its automated nature allows it to skim through massive chunks of data and traffic.

4. Better Vulnerability Management  

Vulnerability management is key to secure a business house network. A company needs to identify and secure itself against various threats which keep on coming daily and with the use of vulnerability management tools to analyze such threats. AI helps you assess systems faster than personnel on cybersecurity thereby increasing the problem solving ability manifold. It also identifies weak points in computer systems and business networks and helps businesses focus on major security tasks. That makes it possible to manage vulnerability and secure business systems in time.

5. AI Provides Holistic Security  

Everyday is a new challenge towards security, be it ransomware or phishing with hackers developing new software to break all security walls.These attacks have similar potential but you must know what to deal with first. Bigger threats that can make security a challenge are human error and negligence.

6. Duplicative Cyber Security Measures  

It is the tendency of humans to get tired and complacent such that they can miss an important security task and expose your network, while, AI mimics the best of human qualities and takes care of duplicative cyber security measures. It helps check for primary security threats and prevent them and manage any loopholes.‍

7. Accelerates Detection And Response Times  

Threat detection timely saves the company from irreversible damage to your network, which can be done by integrating AI with cyber security. AI tech will be able to scan the entire system for any potential threat. For obvious reasons humans are unable to perform such tasks to detect the issues at early stage to save time and money, but AI can.

8. Securing Authentication  

A company always requires an extra security layer since it involves sensitive information. The additional security layer ensures visitors are safe while browsing the network. AI secures authentication anytime a user wants to log in to their account. AI uses various tools such as CAPTCHA, facial recognition and fingerprint scanners amongst others for identification.

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