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Best Apps for Crypto In 2023

Best Cryptocurrency Apps

Worldwide Crypto Trading

The rise of the popularity for cryptocurrencies is the most discussed topic of the decade.Today billions of investors are a part of it but still globally its magical wand is working and more people want to get attached to it. Many brokerage firms are now allowing the investors to trade into the cryptocurrencies just like stocks, mutual funds, or other investments. The topmost cryptocurrency exchanges have made the process more user-friendly than ever, especially those with the best cryptocurrency trading apps.There are over 18,000 crypto markets on which to trade.Below is an exhibit showing the famous cryptos along with their previous performance graph and last traded price which are being traded globally and for which investors show much of their interest.

infographic (4)The average number of daily active users (DAU) of selected apps that allows for cryptocurrency storage in the United States from January 2017 to January 2021   is being exhibited in the chart below showing a wide array of cryptos being traded worldwide.

List Of Globally Famous Cryptocurrency Apps For 2022

  1. Pionex

  2. Bitstamp

  3. NAGA

  4. Gemini


  6. Binance

  7. Bybit

  8. CoinSmart

  9. Coinmama

  10. Kraken

  11. Cash App

  12. Bisq

  13. Coinbase

  14. Blockfolio

  15. Crypto Pro

  16. BlockFi

  17. Robinhood

The Best Crypto Apps For 2023  

After getting versed with an isight towards crytpo applications, let’s take a look at the three cryptocurrency apps that are the market leaders in this field.

Binance: The Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange  

As of today Binance is one of the most well-known global cryptocurrency exchange platforms. This application tends to offer a wide range of other services also along with trading, like a Binance Smart Pool, Binance Visa Card, staking, crypto loans, savings and more. We can indeed call it as a comprehensive app which offers an easy registration process and a user-friendly interface. Recently, Binance was also famous in the news for its denial towards the potential take over to FTX and its bankruptcy.

Exodus: The Best Crypto Wallet App for Beginners  

Exodus is like a hot wallet cryptocurrency that can store innumerable cryptos in a single place. Therefore, it’s much easy to manage the digital coins with Exodus, especially if one wants to acquire varieties and needs diversification in the crypto portfolio. On top of that, Exodus features a built-in portfolio and trade functions. With tracking of your gains and losses, you can also conveniently swap between the available cryptocurrencies.

Uniswap: The Best DeFi Crypto Trading App  

Uniswap is another cryptocurrency exchange, like Binance, with few distinct features like it’s completely decentralized and features the automated market maker (AMM). It means one can also stake his/her coins to create crypto trading pools for low-liquidity trading pairs easily tradable. Here, the investor does not require to open an account or  to leave any private data on Uniswap.

Interactive Brokers: Popular Broker Now Includes Crypto  

It is an online broker platform which allows you to use brokerage services for all kinds of non-crypto currency assets. It’s one of the most popular brokers globally, and it has enrolled crypto trading recently. Even though this features are new, Interactive Brokers have attracted many crypto users.

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What Are The Benefits Of Cryptocurrency Apps?  

  • High security   protocols – which are being followed with such apps and the crypto coins remain safe.

  • Easy registration – one can start buying, selling, or storing cryptos in no time because of its decentralized feature.

  • Customization   of apps- its user-friendly and allows to customize to adjust it to their needs.

  • Many trading Features- The benchmarked P2P trading is certain to be provided but apart from that, most apps offer many options and features to help you trade cryptocurrencies.

  • Easy for beginners and experts  -Since most applications offer cryptotrading, we assure they are the best for beginners and experienced users both.

  • Intuitive design  – It has attractive design layout  with visually effective and also contributes to the best experience for traders.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Buying Cryptocurrency Through Apps?  

  • Available only on one device  – Many apps are available just for one device. Like, if the wallet is available only for Android, we cannot use it for Windows device.

  • No app is perfect- Some payment methods/cryptocurrencies are lacking  .

  • Anonymity  – The majority of apps featured in this guide are centralized, which means you’ll not be able to enjoy the complete anonymity that many cryptocurrency users strive towards.

Key Check Points-

The selection for which type of application the user wants to use for its features and convenience is most important part for cryptocurrency trading or investing.

  • Make sure that the cryptocurrency app accepts the cryptocurrencies one is planning to buy for trading/investing.

  • One must also predetermine which type of platform one wants to work with- the centralized ones or the decentralized ones.

  • One must also check with the cryptocurrency apps about their commission or fees.

  • Ask someone to send you coins to your cryptocurrency wallet and offer something in return.

  • Ask the payee to pay us in cryptocurrencies.

  • Look out for cryptocurrency airdrops

  • Learn about various DeFi apps that offer different opportunities to buy and earn cryptos

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Alternative Ways To Buy Cryptocurrency  

So far, we’ve discused about the ways that one can buy cryptocurrencies. Now lets discuss different business models that allow you to trade crypto, and most of them are available in the form of an app. Here’s a list of few:

  • Centralised cryptocurrency exchanges

  • Decentralised cryptocurrency exchanges

  • Crypto brokers

  • DeFi crypto platforms

  • Crypto wallets with the trading feature

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