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Reclaim Launches Ai-powered Medicare Insurance Agency To Help Retiring Adults Select A Medicare Plan That Best Fits Their Healthcare Needs

Reclaim Launches Ai-powered Medicare Insurance Agency To Help Retiring Adults Select A Medicare Plan That Best Fits Their Healthcare Needs

Reclaim, a digital consumer financial advocacy platform helping users manage and save thousands of dollars on health insurance coverage, is launching its AI-powered Medicare insurance agency to help recently retired, tech-forward individuals confidently manage their transition to Medicare.

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“Retiring adults generally have three main concerns about their healthcare coverage: no longer being able to rely on their employers for support as they did for decades; ensuring their current physicians and drugs are covered; and encountering unexpected healthcare charges that can have a  financially devastating impact on their retirement,” said Nataly Youssef, co-founder and CEO of Reclaim. “As Reclaim enters the Medicare market, we will not only help people choose the right Medicare plan, but ensure that they are receiving the best possible coverage from their insurance throughout their retirement.”

Designed and built by two MIT scientists, Reclaim’s AI-powered Medicare selection predicts an individual’s future needs given their specific health history, and matches them up to the lowest cost Medicare plan that fits both their healthcare needs and lifestyle. Reclaim also helps its Medicare customers manage their healthcare bills, appeal any unexpected charges, and save on cost by making sure they are alerted about all the benefits available in their Medicare plan. Reclaim’s AI never sleeps — continuously working for its customers, monitoring their ongoing needs to ensure they have the best Medicare plan today and tomorrow.

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“While there are tons of health plans available on Medicare, too often patients end up on the wrong plan, causing not just financial suffering but poorer health outcomes as well,” said Dimitris Bertsimas, co-founder of Reclaim. “Our passion for data combined with our deep desire to build algorithms that actually improve the lives of humans led us to build Reclaim.”

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