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BankShift Launches Nationwide For Consumers To Manage And Transact On All Of Their Financial Accounts In One App

BankShift Launches Nationwide For Consumers To Manage And Transact On All Of Their Financial Accounts In One App

BankShift by ShiftSense, Inc. launches a new Fintech product that enables customers to view and transact with their financial accounts. Poised as the solution to multiple logins, expensive transfer fees, and disparate user experiences across financial institution apps, BankShift promises to simplify digital banking, while boosting the value of banks’ digital footprints. In a time when digital banking is a necessity and every consumer needs a way to view their accounts and move money, BankShift meets the needs of the masses.

Although digital banking has been around since the early 1980’s, customers slowly embraced the convenience of bill pay and digital money transfers. Consumers, along with financial institutions, eventually learned how to do online check deposits and detailed transaction analysis. But, no online banking or financial app has the same interface. No financial institutions offer access to manage your money held at other financial institutions. And, all financial institutions need a way to interact with their customers in a non-contact manner.

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BankShift’s Co-Founder and CEO, Rob Thacher (U.S. Army Veteran), is passionate about leveraging technology to keep financial institutions connected to their customers and keep customers connected to their financial accounts:

“In today’s world, where in-person financial services are limited, consumers are forced to manage their money in a digital-only way. There are over 10,000 banks and credit unions in the U.S. combined. Some of those banks don’t even offer a digital mobile solution, leaving consumers disconnected from their financial accounts. This is where BankShift comes in. We’re not a bank, not a credit union, we’re a digital solution for managing financial accounts. We’re the one app consumers need to simplify their digital banking experience without compromising their banking relationships.”

With BankShift, consumers login to one application and manage all of their financial accounts through a secure, clean, efficient interface. They connect their accounts to BankShift and use their government issued identification and facial recognition to verify their account access. While leveraging the latest security and cloud technologies, we aim to keep our users safe by eliminating fraudsters from gaining access to our platform at all with our verification process.

The days of logging into one account, then another to make one simple transaction are over. Moving money between accounts, sending and receiving payments, and keeping informed about account activity are simple, easy and stress-free with BankShift. BankShift’s mission is not just about shifting control of financial relationships to one experience; it’s about continuously improving that experience and removing obstacles in digital banking.

As BankShift matures and expands its partnerships, they plan to offer free services. At launch, pricing will start at $8.99 per month for basic transfers and payments with no transaction fees. Consumers can upgrade to more complex activities like crypto and stock trading at any time. All new accounts will earn our Fintech founders badge while enjoying banking with a little less stress and complexity.

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