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SMArtX Advisory Solutions Announces Access to Deal Book Private Equity Platform

SMArtX Advisory Solutions Adds Investing Heavyweights to Managed Accounts Platform

SMArtX Advisory Solutions (“SMArtX”), a leader in managed accounts technology and operator of the SMArtX turnkey asset management platform, announced advisors utilizing the SMArtX platform will now have access to Deal Book, an investment platform that provides access to direct private company investments. Deal Book was created by HedgeCo Securities, a SMArtX affiliated broker-dealer specializing in alternative investments.

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The platform focuses on late stage, pre-IPO firms and currently includes access to 50 popular firms such as Impossible Foods, Robinhood, SoFi, and DoorDash. The platform offers a combination of investment opportunities from multiple pre-IPO equity marketplaces who typically offer investors the ability to invest in hard-to-access, privately held firms at lower minimums. Turnkey access is a key benefit as investments can be made for as little as $20,000, which genuinely democratizes access to some of the most sought-after companies in the world, provides advisors a way to lessen portfolio correlation to the public markets, and an opportunity to dampen portfolio volatility through diversification.

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Deal Book satisfies the increasing demand from the accredited, non-institutional investor for access to investments typically reserved for institutional investors and industry insiders.  In many cases the underlying companies have gone through several rounds of capital raises from well-known venture capital and early stage private equity firms.

“Deal Book enables us to provide access to great private company investments. Since companies are opting to stay private longer into their lifecycle, shareholders looking for liquidity are often willing to sell their shares at a discount, providing opportunity for our advisors and their clients,” said Evan Rapoport, CEO of SMArtX Advisory Solutions. “This creates a chance to own part of a firm that is an established household name, for a lower minimum and lower price.”

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