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Safe To Launch Modular Account Abstraction Stack On Polygon zkEVM

Safe To Launch Modular Account Abstraction Stack On Polygon zkEVM
  • Safe, a critical Web3 infrastructure, will be deployed on Polygon zkEVM to help projects in treasury operations and protocol governance via its Safe{Wallet} multisig.

  • Safe{Core}, the smart wallet developer stack, will also allow developers to build simplified and secure user experiences on top of Polygon zkEVM.

  • The launch signals a commitment by Safe and Polygon Labs to promote smart accounts on Zk-powered L2s.

Safe, the most battle-tested smart wallet infrastructure, announced it will launch its modular account abstraction stack on Polygon zkEVM. This leading ZK scaling protocol is equivalent to Ethereum Virtual Machine, where the vast majority of existing smart contracts, developer tools and wallets already work seamlessly. This enables developers to build dApps with seamless abstracted user experiences with the industry security benchmark.

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The announcement was made at Safe{Con} held on Sep 10Safes conference dedicated to fast-tracking the transition to smart accounts, where Polygon co-founder Sandeed Nailwal was on hand to help make the announcement. Safe{Wallet}, known as critical infrastructure for teams to manage onchain treasuries (with multisig), as well as the Safe{Core} account abstraction stack, will be available on Polygon zkEVM starting

Recent Polygon CDK and Safe{Core} Protocol whitepaper launches signal exciting times for both projects. Safe looks to position the Safe stack as the go-to account abstraction stack available for developers of future Polygon CDK-powered zk Layer 2 app chains. The synergies between Safe and the Polygon protocols can also be seen in the recently launched Gnosis Pay decentralized payment network that uses Safe’s battle-tested smart wallet experience with the speed and cost efficiency of the Polygon stack as L2.

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Developers on Polygon zkEVM can now leverage Safe{Core} SDK to fully harness the power of smart wallets and modular account abstraction for a plethora of use cases, including gaming, retail wallets, decentralized social media, etc., with game-changing features like social recovery, seedless onboarding, and easy on-ramping.

Lukas Schor, co-founder of Safe, shared, “L2 Scaling and smart accounts are two of the most critical transitions we need to make, and I couldn’t be happier to accelerate these two transitions on Ethereum with Polygon. We look forward to bringing the Safe Smart Account to Polygon zkEVM to make it the de-facto account standard on Polygon zkEVM’s innovative scaling architecture.”

Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon, added,  “Polygon zkEVM devs can unlock the potential of Safe{Core} SDK for smart wallets and versatile account abstraction. It’s a potential game-changer for gaming, retail wallets, social media, and more, offering features like social recovery and seamless onboarding.”

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