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Rising Threat of AI-driven Fraud
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Rising Threat of AI-driven Fraud

Tamas Kadar
AI is rapidly evolving to benefit almost every aspect of our lives. Unfortunately, that includes the lives of criminals. Thanks to widely available AI programs with the power to both create and alter content, fraudsters now have a range of tricks up their sleeves. They use them in simple or......
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How Can Banks Stay Competitive With A Secured IT Security Infrastructure?

Pooja Choudhary
Web application and API crimes against banking firms soared by 257 percent in 2022, according to statistical analysis from Akamai. The cost of cybercrime in this industry is also among the greatest; according to IBM, in 2022, the usual cost of a data breach in this industry was $5.97 million,......
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Truesec and Europol Join Forces To Fight Cybercrime

Fintech News Desk
The cybersecurity company Truesec and Europol are joining forces to disrupt criminal businesses with the initiative “No More Ransom” – a global collaboration between law enforcement and other key players to help ransomware victims. To contribute, Truesec has developed a unique decryption tool that will help thousands of ransomware victims......
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Mastercard Collaborates On Cybersecurity Training With NTU Singapore

Fintech Staff Writer
The announcement of the partnership with Nanyang Technological University Singapore with Mastercard was indeed a moment in the cybersecurity space via scientific research around the use of privacy-enhancing technologies, and the impact of quantum computing on cybersecurity. It shall strengthen and grow the cybersecurity ecosystem in the Asia Pacific region. Their......
DPS Cyber Security Crypto Recovery Firm Simplifies the Process for Its Clients of Recovering Their Digital Assets
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DPS Cyber Security Crypto Recovery Firm Simplifies the Process for Its Clients of Recovering Their Digital Assets

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DPS Cyber Security is now widely recognized as one of the best crypto investigation and recovery firms in the world. As part of its recent growth, the firm has introduced additional methods to assist customers who have either misplaced their cryptocurrency wallets or fallen victim to cybercrime. Knowing the perpetrator......
CoinLoan partners with Blaze Information Security to bring a new standard of cybersecurity to their clients
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CoinLoan Partners with Elliptic to Bring New Levels of Crypto Security to Customers

Fintech News Desk
CoinLoan, the only EU-licensed provider of crypto-loan products, has announced a new partnership with Elliptic, the global leader in cryptoasset risk management. As adoption and investment into crypto continues to increase, so does the risk of cybercrime. The range of cryptoassets and currencies is growing daily and with cybercriminals becoming smarter......
IMF Is Right: Cryptocurrencies Are Ushering in a New World Order
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IMF is Right about Cryptoization Risks Ushering in a New World Order

Sudipto Ghosh
Cryptoization risks are getting bigger and bolder with each passing day. The IMF has released its latest edition of “The Global Financial Stability Report,” which points to the evolving market of cryptocurrencies and how it influences global economic stability. Amid the volatile financial conditions, notably arising from the geopolitical tensions......
Mastercard launches Global Cyber Forward programm in Dubai
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Mastercard Launches New Global Cyber Forward Program

Fintech News Desk
Mastercard today launched its Global Cyber Forward program in partnership with Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the leading global financial center and largest fintech hub in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region. Governments, financial institutions and businesses around the world have been facing an increase in cyber......
Covid-19 has only quickened and even increased the consumption of online financial as well as online shopping services
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Creating a Safe Online Buying Experience to Protect Your Financial Data

Paroma Sen
A Few Important Precautions That can Help Create a Safer Online Buying and Payment Experience Covid-19 has only quickened and even increased the consumption of online financial as well as online shopping services. With the growth in ecommerce and the addition of high end payment and check out facilities, ecommerce......
PCI Pal Announces Partnership with Calabrio and Joins the Calabrio Marketplace
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PCI Pal® Announces the Formation of the PCI Pal Advisory Committee and Its First Member, Neira Jones.

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PCI Pal®, the global provider of cloud-based secure payment solutions, has announced the formation of the company’s first Advisory Committee. The objective of the PCI Pal Advisory Committee, and role of each member, is to provide additional market and product perspectives to the company as it seeks to capitalize on......