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Can Artificial Intelligence Improve the Debt Collection Process?
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Can Artificial Intelligence Improve the Debt Collection Process?

Paroma Sen
Artificial intelligence has rewritten the basics of every financial service, from retail banking to business lending, Artificial intelligence in fintech is now more than just an exciting concept; how is this technology revamping today’s debt collection process though? Moreover, are financial institutions capitalizing on their debt lending process with AI......
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Between Empathy and Technology: The New Sweet Spot for Lifetime Customer Value

Hanif Joshaghani
Companies are in a double bind today. The coronavirus pandemic has put many customers at financial risk, and through no fault of their own, many suddenly un- or under-employed people simply cannot meet their financial obligations. Consumers may become delinquent on payments, and companies will accumulate unpaid debt, negatively impacting......
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More Than 50% of Debt Collection Agencies Thrived Under COVID-19

Fintech News Desk
Over half the collection agencies surveyed not only thrived during the pandemic, but actually outperformed their pre-pandemic metrics in a nationwide survey conducted by Prodigal Technologies, Inc. Prodigal, a debt collection AI software company, surveyed accounts receivable management (ARM) agencies about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on their collections......